We are a youth football and cheer program for kids. We are located on Route 1 in Alexandria, Virginia 22306. We are located at Gum Springs Community Center and our name is Gum Springs Youth Athletic Association (GSYAA).

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Alexandria, VA
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The Gum Springs Youth Athletic Association, located in Alexandria, Virginia (with its primary focus on the Route One Corridor), provides opportunities for youth to participate in competitive and recreational sports such as youth football and cheerleading.  GSYAA sports programs help develop skills such as respect, sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership. We also encourage good health, fitness, learning, enjoyment, and cultural enrichment. Furthermore, GSYAA provides opportunities for community involvement. 

Gum Springs Youth Athletic Association currently provides the following youth sports: youth football, cheerleading. We are looking to revamp some programs and create new opportunities in the near future.

Gum Springs Youth Athletic Association is a non-profit organization ran solely by volunteers. As we continue to provide the best experiences for our youth, we are always in need of more volunteers.

Gum Springs Youth Athletic Association is located at the Gum Springs Community Center: 8100 Fordson Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22306.

Gum Springs Youth Athletic Association is a member club of Fairfax County Youth Football League and Fairfax County Youth Basketball League.

GSYAA Winter House Basketball


We are excited to launch our GSYAA Winter House Basketball League! Registration for coaches is now open. We need a lot of hands to make this a great experience for our children in the community. Registration for the kids will begin on November 1st. Please register online!!!! 

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GSYAA Week 7- Finish Strong


Good Morning Everyone!

Week 6 has concluded and I just want to say that this season has started and ended so fast! The encouragement has been great and the intensity of each game has been tremendous. Thank you to each person who represented Gum Springs on the road this week. It makes a difference when we represent "Panther Pride" with the utmost respect. Thank you for representing our community in a great way. This week, our 90 pound team won by forfeit while our Anklebiters, 80 pound and 100 pound teams came up short again. Our record this week was 1-3 and that makes our program record 11-13. Our win percentage so fat this season is 45%. Our goal as a program is to win 70% so we need a good showing from all teams this week. This is our last week of regular season games and everyone is on the road. Our Anklebiters are still looking for their 1st win, our 80 Pound is fighting for seeding, our 90 Pound is trying to keep their undefeated record, and our 100 Pound is fighting for a spot in the playoffs. If you have pictures from the games on Saturday, please send them to gsyaapanthers@gmail.com. You can also tag us on Facebook @ GSYAA and we also have an instagram page @ gsyaa_panthers. Please be on the lookout for other announcements such as Chipotle Night and Winter House Basketball. Here is the lineup for Saturday:

Saturday Week 6

Anklebiters- Coach Marcus vs. SYA @ 12:00 pm, Centreville HS Stadium, Centreville, VA

80 Pound- Coach Maurice vs. Lee Franconia @ 4:30 pm, Edison High School, Alexandria, VA

90 Pound- Coach Chuck vs. Alexandria @ 12:00 pm, GW Middle School, Alexandria VA

100 Pound- Coach Mark vs. Manassas @ 1:30 pm, Gainesville MS, Manassas VA


Panther Pride

Marcus A. Ferguson

GSYAA Prez!!!

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GSYAA Banquet- November 17, 2018

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Donation Goal

This year, the Gum Springs Youth Athletic Association has set a donation goal of $6,000. This goal will help offset fees for our football and cheer program which include: county league registration, equipment, annual banquet, and other general operation fees. Every penny counts so we thank you in advance for your contribution. You may go to our Sponsorship/Donation page or contact one of our board members to donate. 



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